Michael is very passionate about his business. He enjoys talking with you about any ideas you might have about jewelry design. I gave Michael an idea of a ring I would like designed. He took the idea and ran with it. The ring turned out fantastic. It was a home run with my wife.

Chris J.

When a friend wanted to confirm if he had some Ellensburg Blue, Jewel Crafters was the place recommended. The owner was incredibly passionate and helpful about my friends stone and not only spent time to educate us about Eburg Blue but showed us great examples and offered to look at any other rocks we had questions about. I've never had someone provide better customer service and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants quality products and the knowledge that they will have great support before and after their purchase!

Daniel H.

Ordered an elk tooth ring made from one of my late husbands elk teeth. I couldn't be happier with the finished product.The owner is helpful and very nice to deal with. Answered all my questions and even gave me some ideas I had not thought of. I am having another piece of jewelry made soon out of some of the other teeth by them.

Carla S.

Does excellent work, had several pieces made by him over the years, always get compliments from people about my Jewelry.

Gary R.

Mike has always been helpful when I had problems or questions on the costume jewelry I was making or telling me about the stones I was using. He also was willing to help me farther my skill by teaching me how to make better quality of jewelry. He has always been fair and honest with his prices since I've known him.

Tony S.

Great customer service. I had a ring sized, beautiful craftsmanship. Seems like one of the last real jewelers in town. I won't being going to the big over priced stores again now that I have found these guys.

Maria A.

My daughter was getting married and she had a custom ring made here by mike at a fraction of the cost of an off the shelf ring would have cost at one of the big name stores. Thank you mike for being so knowledgeable and really helping my little girl.

Robert R.